Councillor’s Details

Contact Details
Clerk to the Council:

Locum Clerk: Brenda Kirkham            07916 298107

Parish Councillors
STD Code for all councillors is 01629
Chair: Cllr. Jeremy Beckett                         822659
Vice Chair: Cllr. Barbara Bowman                822889

Cllr. Russ Boyack                                            823111
Cllr. Matthew Birch                           07967 237 613
Cllr. Alistair Fraser                                         824175
Cllr. Jenny March                                           822351
Cllr. Sue Mosley                                             822924
Cllr. Mike Nutting
Cllr Kate Wakefield                                        820915

There is one vacancy

Parish Council Footpaths Officer: John Mee

Derbyshire Dales District Councillors:
Cllr. Garry Purdy                                            823636
Cllr. Joyce Pawley                                           825431
Derbyshire Dales Offices                              761100

Derbyshire County Councillor:
Cllr. Irene Ratcliffe

Derbyshire County Council Hotline
0845 6058058