Agenda and Minutes

All residents are welcome to attend the open session of the Parish Council and raise issues that are of concern to them. The public open session of the council is at the beginning of each scheduled meeting and a time limit of ten minutes is allowed for the presentation of an issue that has been notified in advance to the Clerk to the Parish Council.

The agenda for each meeting is published on local notice boards one week in advance and will be posted here immediately after this. The minutes will be posted as soon as possible after approval by the monthly meeting of the council.

Minutes – calendar years 2016 / 2017 / 2018
These are still available in the archive but will need to be requested via the web-site contacts page

Calendar year 2019
C.P. Minutes January 19
C.P.C Minutes February 2019
C.P.C Minutes March 19
C.P.C Minutes April 2019
Minutes APM 2018
APM Agenda May 2019
Minutes AGM 2018
AGM Agenda May 19
C.P.C Minutes May 2019
C.P.C Minutes June 2019
C.P.C Minutes July 2019
C.P.C Minutes Sept 2019
C.P. C Minutes Oct 19
C.P.C Minutes November 19

C.P.C. Minutes Dec 19

Calendar year 2020

  1. C.P.C. Minutes Jan 20
    C.P.C. Minutes Feb 20
    PC Minutes March 20
    C.P.C Minutes April 2020
    C.P.C Minutes May 2020
  2. C.P.C Minutes May 2020 (2)
  3. C.P.C Minutes June 2020
  4. C.P.C Draft Minutes 15 July 2020
  5. CPC Minutes 19 August 2020_
  6. CPC Minutes 16 Sept 2020
  7. CPC Minutes 21 October 2020
  8. C.P. C. Agenda November 20